We’re always looking for a new and unique way to brand things that aren’t necessarily considered traditional. This (The NSW Mop) definitely falls into that category.
— Ethan Casson – Senior V.P. Of Corporate Sales, Minnesota Timberwolves
I like it because it’s simple, easy to implement and has obvious value.
— Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban
I have a lot of vendors trying to sell me things. But the mop is eye-catching and it works real well.
— Jasen Powell, Head athletic trainer for the Los Angeles
I haven’t had anything but great experiences with NSW. We are very pleased with our partnership and hope to continue that in the future. Thanks.
— Scott Brewster, Corporate Services Coordinator, Cleveland Cavaliers
It rotates. It’s easy to push. It’s portable. Wiping the court takes half the time.
— Former New York Knicks ball boy Michael Brady
As far as safety goes and efficiency, the No Sweat Wipe is the best product I have seen.
— Hue Hollins, Former NBA Referee
We closed a two-year deal with Foot Locker on the No Sweat Wipe mop. The mop provided an opportunity to generate incremental revenues from our current client base and we are pleased with the ROI it has generated to the client.
— Keith Harris–VP, Broadcasting & Marketing, LA Lakers